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Flexi Savings

Special Offer of More Favourable Interest Rates
for New Deposits from 03.05.2023 to 01.09.2023

Flexi Savings - Invest money whenever you can, withdraw money whenever you like!

Use this excellent opportunity to gain more for your savings.

The special offer with more favourable interest rates for Flexi Savings is valid from 03.05.2023 to 01.09.2023, for EUR and RSD deposits, with a 12-month term.

More favourable interest rates are valid for:

Flexi Savings offers you flexibility in managing your money:

Flexi savings has been designed to fully meet your needs and offers you flexibility in disposing of your money.


    Representative example of a special offer

    Flexi term deposit with payment of interest at maturity EUR
    Term of depositing in months Annual NIR EIR Interest Amount Tax liability 15,00%* Total amount to be paid
    122,00%1,70%200,3430,05 10.170,29

    calculation as at 19.05.2023. *Interest income tax for funds deposited in foreign currency amounts to 15% at the moment of concluding the contract and is determined by the Law on Personal Income Tax.

    Flexi term deposit with payment of interest at maturity RSD
    Term of depositing in monthsDeposit Amount in EUR Annual NIR EIR Interest Amount Tax liability 15,00 % Total amount to be paid
    12500.0003 ,50%3,50%17.530,25- 517.530,25
    122.000.0004 ,50%4,50%90.156,33-2.090.156,33
    126.000.0005,00 %5,00%300.522,33-6.300.522,33

    calculation as at 19.05.2023. Tax is not paid on RSD funds under savings and other deposits (term or sight deposit).

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