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Housing loans refinancing

With our Bank loan refinance housing loans granted by other banks, and thus reduce interest and instalment. Variable or combined interest rate - it’s up to you.

Types of loans for refinancing of housing loans

Within its offer our Bank offers you to choose between two interest rate models

Prolong repayment period free of charge and include prepayment penalty and insurance policy expenses in the loan amount.


    Basic conditions and features of loans for refinancing housing loans

    The bank reserves the right to make a decision on the loan approval, as well as to request additional documents and guarantees.

    • For refinancing loan with combined interest rate

    • For refinancing loan with variable interest rate

    • Wondering why it is important to insure your life during the repayment of housing loan? Housing loan is a life project. It lasts 15-20 years on average. In the event of unforeseen life circumstances it might happen that heirs cannot repay loan instalments for mortgaged apartment. In order to secure your family, it is important to get insurance. The insurance company will reimburse the outstanding loan amount and the bank will clear the mortgage. It all depends on you.


    Refinance your credit obligations with another bank quickly and easily – without going to that bank. The National Bank of Serbia’s instructions enable you to simply switch the bank and refinance all your credit obligations by taking a loan from the bank whose conditions best suit your needs. We take over all communication with the bank whose loan you want to refinance, until the loan has been closed.

    Representative example
    Representative example of a loan for refinancing housing loans with combined interest rate, without down payment
    Mortgage value37.500 EUR
    Loan amount30.000 EUR
    Repayment period30 years
    NIR annually over the first 3 years3,50%
    Monthly instalment over the first 3 years135 EUR
    NIR annually after the first 3 years2,99% + three-month EURIBOR
    Monthly instalment after the first 3 years122 EUR
    Fee for loan processing (0% of the loan amount)0 EUR
    Costs associated with loan approval, known at the time of publishing
    Bill of exchange100 RSD
    Credit Bureau basic report246 RSD
    Certification of pledge statement10.080 RSD
    Property insurance - annually40 EUR in RSD equivalent
    Life insurance - annually100 EUR in RSD equivalent
    Issuing of real estate folio in the land register10 EUR in RSD equivalent
    Real estate valuation100 EUR in RSD equivalent
    Mortgage registration20.000 RSD
    EIR annually 3,34%
    Total amount of loan (principal, interest and costs)46.781 EUR
    EIR calculated on01.06.2022.

    EUR-indexed loans are contracted in RSD equivalent at the NBS middle exchange rate. The interest rate is variable and consists of a reference rate - three-month EURIBOR as a variable rate, and Bank’ margin as a fixed rate, in accordance with Bank’s Tariffs. Variable interest rate is adjusted on the first business day of each month in accordance with changes in the reference EURIBOR rate which, on the day of calculations for the sake of this representative example, i.e. on 01.06.2022.. stood at -0,354. This offer is for guidance purposes only. For a personalized offer we are at your disposal at our Bank's branches.

    Do you have any additional questions?

    If you have any questions or concerns, our experienced bankers are at your disposal.

    Calculate your instalment on the assumption of the variable part of the interest rate change and/or exchange rate change

    Access the calculator of the National Bank of Serbia here

    Do you have any additional questions?

    If you have any questions or concerns, our experienced bankers are at your disposal.

    Additional information on applying for a housing loan refinance

    Loan applicant:

    • permanent employment of indefinite duration minimum 6 months with the current employer
    • transfer of personal income to the current account held with our Bank

    Loan collateral instruments:

    • Enclosed real estate insurance policy
    • Enclosed life insurance policy optionally at the client’s request
    • Bill of exchange and bill of exchange authorization
    • First-class mortgage if a mortgage is established on another property
    • Second tier mortgage if the first tier mortgage is already registered in favor of the bank whose loan is being refinanced
    • Administrative ban

    You can take life and property insurance in each of Bank’s branch and thus complete the entire process easily and in one place. Regular payment of insurance premium is provided through standing order which is free of charge and exempt from payments fee.

    List of required documents
    List of documents for refinancing of housing loans

    Please submit the application via our online contact form, and we will contact you

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