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Broker operations and financial advisory

We perform operations of investment company and we have extremely rich experience in providing brokerage services in trading with financial instruments. We have been one of the first members of the Belgrade Stock Exchange and the Central Depository and Clearing House. In addition, the Bank has been a member of the Investors protection fund since 2012.

With reference to the fact that purchase and sale of financial instruments may go exclusively through licenced participants on the capital market, we are offering overall service of mediation in buying and selling financial instruments in the country and abroad.

We are providing to you the trading services in the organised and OTC market with:

Useful informations
Trading with financial instruments

Trading with financial instruments

In order to trade with financial instruments the following must be done:

Open a securities account
Open a special—purpose money account
Categorise the type of client and potential client
Sign an agreement on providing investment services

A broker or an authorised person will, after your order has been received, send you a notice on receipt of your order for trading. After checking the accuracy of the elements of order, the order is sent to the appropriate trading system. After the transaction has been executed, the broker will forward you notice on the execution of order.

Why should you trade with financial instruments with us?

With us you will be able to issue orders for purchase and sale that will be covered on the day of the transaction settlement (from the expected inflows from securities or monetary funds).

You may trade with financial instruments safely and efficiently, in line with your needs and at different investment modes: directly, within the Bank’s branch network, by telephone or by mail.

Information about the required documents for establishing a business relationship, please send your inquiry to the address

Corporate activities and ancillary services

We provide services of corporate agent and in your name perform activities at the Belgrade Stock Exchange, Central Securities Depository and Clearing House (CRHOV) and Securities Commission, very efficiently and in line with your requests and needs.

Corporate activities and ancillary services include the following activities:

  • Registration of financial instruments and administration of issuer’s issue account
  • Listing of financial instruments on a regulated market, i.e. the MTP market
  • Delisting of financial instruments from the regulated market, i.e. the MTP market
  • Procedure for reducing the capital of joint-stock companies
  • Procedure for increasing the capital of joint-stock companies
  • Underwriting procedure and services of offering financial instruments with or without the redemption obligation
  • Organizing and implementing the procedure for the takeover bid of joint-stock companies
  • Organizing and implementing the procedure for acquiring and/or selling issuer’s own shares
  • Organizing and implementing the procedure of squeeze out of shares or forced sale
  • Organizing and implementing the procedure for changing the legal form, the form of organization and status changes of business entities
  • Consultations and mediation services when establishing the market value of shares
  • Consultations and mediation services when making decisions for joint-stock company meetings in relation to previously mentioned activities
  • Consultations and reporting services in relation to joint-stock company meetings, proxy statements and other invitations and announcements to shareholders
  • Organizing and conducting the procedure of joint-stock companies dividend payments
  • All other activities defined by applicable legal regulations
Broker operations and financial advisory- Contacts

Broker operations and financial advisory- Contacts

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Treasury bills issued by the Treasury of the Republic of Serbia in order to finance the national budget

Debt securities, also known as Treasury bills, are issued by the Treasury of the Republic of Serbia in order to finance the national budget. Treasury bills are considered low-risk securities and are therefore of interest to both domestic and foreign investors. They are sold over-the-counter, by the auction method (via the platform for trading in government debt securities), and legal and natural persons have the right to purchase. Treasury bills can be issued with different maturities and in different currencies.

Investment Services and Activities Department

Investment Services and Activities Department consist of dedicated and experienced team that strives to provide its clients with all necessary information, fast and high quality service. The focus of the business is the representation in trading in equity securities listed on the Belgrade Stock Exchange or other, selected stock exchanges in the world, representation in trading in corporate and/or municipal bonds, as well as debt securities issued by the Republic of Serbia.

Working hours with clients every working day from 09:00h to 17:00h.

Commissions and fees for the services rendered by an investment company are charged in line with the Tariffs list, and the commissions of the market, CRHOV and other third parties are charged in line with the valid tariffs list of the said institutions.

We would like to advise the clients and potential clients, and particularly clients categorised into small business to check the document entitled “Information provided to the client”

Download the documentation

Operating rules of the authorized bank valid from 31.05.2021.
Information provided to the clients valid from 31.05.2021.
Capital Market Department Tariff
Conflict of interest management policy for investment and additional services
Instruction for issuing orders by telephone
Instructions for issuing orders electronically

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