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B2B online – web application

Business information available at any moment!

Be always ahead with key business information. Make decisions based on facts, and not merely on the basis of intuition. From now on, your company also can do business wisely as a bank.

Our Bank in cooperation with CUBE Risk Management Solutions d.o.o., a company with extensive experience in the provision of business information, enables small companies and entrepreneurs who belong to the production sector to use free b2b web application online.

Depending on the selected offer of the Bank, you can use the application for 0 dinars for the next 3 or 6 months:

You get one license for the application access and you will be able to:

Web application b2b online  allows you to browse the companies and in that way to:

During the promotional period, the users of the web application will have  the possibility of free access to the 8 types of useful information on a company. Those are basic registration data, credit assessment of the companies, addresses and contacts, accounts and account blockings, ownership structure, management, number of employees and records..

Take a look at the possibilities of the application advanced search option

Allows you to browse companies on one or more parameters together important to you. You will have insight into:

  • Active and inactive companies and enterprises (option: Company status)
  • Municipality, city or town (option: Location)
  • Choose between ltd, public company or entrepreneur (option: Legal form)
  • For how long company operates, or when was it founded(option: Date of founding)
  • Active, blocked, with or without previous blockings, the number of days in the blocked state, and in which period (option: Account status)
  • What is the industry of the company(option: Registered industry)
  • Short insight into the balance sheet and income statement (option: Balance sheet)
  • Short insight into the balance sheet and income statement (option: Balance sheet)
  • Revenue from sales of goods, business expenditures, material costs… (option: Indicator ratios)
  • How many employees (option: Number of employees)
  • How banks rank the company creditworthiness (option: Creditworthiness)
  • Where the company has accounts and are they blocked (option: Bank accounts)
  • Whether a company has a leasing contract (option: Financial leasing)

What else should you use the b2b online application for?

To log in the web application, click to b2b online.


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